A couple more editorials


Some more published editorials for old Mr. Katie!

This one was shot by the talented and lovely Caileigh Kyle.  The make-up had a very 90’s Grunge/Goth feel to it.  It was published in Unallied Magazine June 2011.

Why did it take me so long to publish this on my news feed, you ask?

I’m very computer illiterate, I answer…



A little more recently…


This editorial was shot by Vai Yu, a wonderfully skilled lady! 🙂  This shoot appeared in Atlas Magazine (Dec 2012).  Lots of fun to shoot.








That’s all for now, pals!

Yoda Mask – Available at Silver Snail


To indulge my inner (and outer) nerd, I made a Yoda Latex Mask.  The mask was hand sculpted, molded, and painted.  I tried to make it a kind of hybrid between the original puppet Yoda and the CG one of the later prequels.  He has hand punched hair as well.  He was a lot of fun to make!

These are now on sale at Silver Snail, a wonderful comic and collectible store on Queen St.


IMATS Toronto 2011


I was a finalist at the Toronto IMATS  2011 Student Character/Prosthetic Competition in November.  It was such an honour to be one of the 8 finalists out of over a hundred applicants.  I didn’t place, but I had a great time! 🙂

The competition involves applying supplied prosthetic pieces on your model, and creating a complete character in 3 hours.  Super tough, but a lot of fun!  Here’s a picture of my model, Kate Dunn